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Big Noise MPC delivers quality niche products for Deejay's, Music Producers, Studio Engineers and Music Enthusiasts. Offered at affordable prices, we specialize in audio equipment and sounds for hip hop music production. Our standards for quality and service are top notch; we've been providing industry resources for over 15 years. An urban American brand located in Fremont, CA. Our mission is to provide technical insight, as well as resources, that empower the community with knowledge and capability regarding audio engineering, music production, artist development, music history, and the power of self achievement. Our worldwide broadcast network allows us to connect with industry resources that we share with the community. We provide niche analog audio products such as passive Audio Transformers and Summing Mixers that add color and depth to sound recordings. Unique American made 500 Series audio modules from Philly that are high quality, assembled in house and very affordable. Custom drum and instrument sounds for drum machines and audio workstations. Operating systems, and custom digital storage solutions for vintage sound equipment. We also offer independent music and instrumental beat albums. We provide audio mastering services for European record labels, and music played on our radio station. Using the equipment we sell in our store. We stay engaged with the latest music and techniques within the underground hip hop genera.